Claudia Cooley

50th Anniversary

Dale and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary on Sept 2 and have made a commitment to each other to continue to create a healthy life that gives us quality, fun and joy. Optimal Health for a lifetime; our motto is: “Vitality is priceless!”

We hope you will check it out for yourself or those special to you. It can change your life… forever. We are both healthier and loving smaller sizes.

Join us to create the possibility of health. Give us a call so we can answer all of your questions, check out the website & these tips too.

God bless your future possibilities.

Dale and Claudia Cooley, Health Coaches(losses: Dale, 14 lbs. /Claudia, 40 lbs – 19 mo. ago)

Dale and Claudia

September 2, 2011

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