Claudia Cooley

A Powerful Success Seed is… Self Confidence

Self Confidence… is better than:

  • A Diamond Ring – Even with the sparkle and brilliance held within a diamond ring, there isn’t enough power to help you stand tall, walk in a room and greet strangers, get on a cold call to build your business, or be a magnet for strong and powerful relationships.
  • Ask Google – When we have a problem or need a solution we go to Google, however, there isn’t enough advice even at Google to give you the self-confidence to become successful. Self-confidence will bail you out of tight situations, show you solutions to rise above problems and negative road blocks that get you stuck… such as fear.  I’ve never had Google get me through a place of fear and bring me to victory… but Self-Confidence has.
  • A Pocket Knife, which might come in handy to cut through a few small situations, open up a container, cut through tape… But self-confidence can cut through a scary situation, make a huge difference when opening up a conversation or closing a deal.
  • Flashlight – Can shine it’s light on something up close, but only opens up the darkness to a small degree, however, self-confidence shines light on your future, opens doors of opportunity, cast a huge beam of light to more than guide you, but to draw you bravely to a future that otherwise fear would stop you from experiencing.  Coming down the road with self-confidence illuminates and shines a brilliance that won’t allow you to miss the gifts that are right in front of you.  You will not only see what’s right around you, but also what’s way down the road so you can keep taking your next step.

If you feed your self-confidence and allow it to grow, your path will always be clear and illuminated.


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Cultivating The Success Seed of Self-Confidence

February 12, 2014
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