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Christopher Clay Jones

Upon meeting Christopher a few years back, right away, I found him to be so interesting, approachable, sincere and a bit humble. His beliefs go deep and he cares deeply about his country and world. It isn’t long until you hear how rich his belief system and core values come from his heart. This is a man setting out to make a difference in our world for those less fortunate and with no advantages. Just as he plays these roles of people with great character… he brings that to real life to make a positive impact on our culture, human rights and workplace equality for the nations of this earth. He is far more than a Hollywood figure… his mission is to tell a story that enriches and empowers the heart of each individual on this planet.

His film and television credits span over a decade in the industry. He is also known for films such as Restraint, Justice for All, Warrior POV, Tales of the Frontier, Redemption, When Aliens Attack, Fear of Flying and Camp D.O.A.

After co-executive producing the award-winning film “Justice for All” (2014); he was thrilled by the mastermind creation known as restraint. Christopher plays a psychotherapist that attempts to make sense of his new and very complex patient.

2017 find Christopher wearing multiple hats as his entrepreneurial nature would have it no other way. He has one western feature film as well as a political action feature film in development. Christopher has recently become acquainted with the Dr. Leon Sullivan foundation. This organization strives to bring human rights and workplace equality to the nations of the world.

Follow Christopher on FaceBook…. And each of his movie titles have websites.

March 24, 2017
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