Claudia Cooley

Clean Windows

After a long winter, I realized that it was definitely time to have my windows cleaned. While living in an environment where the outside beauty is right there for the “looking” … right outside any of my windows, I am so surprised by how I become so accustomed to the dulled view from the “dirty windows.” Then, hallelujah, my wonderful window washers come and in a few hours the clear view returns and I realize what I’ve been missing.

This caused me to think about our day-to-day lives. Do we become accustom to the things that cloud our view and keep us from living the fulfilling lives we really want? Just this week, I had a conversation with a friend on this very topic. The question that became the obvious one to ask was, ‘What clouds our view?’.

Is it an attitude that is less than positive? Maybe, it’s negative conversations or people we are hanging out with that aren’t feeling excited about their lives and complain about everything rather than working on solutions to make things better. Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” But it’s common for the individual to underestimate the importance of the company they keep. Bottom line: The people around you matter.

You need people – whether it’s mentors, family, teachers, friends – who will challenge you and make you better, thereby raising your average or helping you maintain a high one. This statement became my motto while I was teaching high school.. “Reach for your own personal A+ and never ever settle for second best.” I realized after I left teaching and became a Professional and LifeStyle Coach, that this continues to be my challenge for my clients.

What are more dirty specks that are clouding our windows and making our view of our future less exciting? What are the solutions that make our windows clear?

Not appreciating our own value, gifts and talents.

* Solution – write a list of 25 awesome qualities you have and post where you will see often

Letting everyone else define you?

*You don’t need to be like anyone else… you have your own unique gifts… go on a search and find out what they are… start by asking friends and others that you respect and they respect you

Living in the past

*Cherish the good and great memories…but move on and create new ones. And if you have made mistakes, let that go and move on. Bury them in the deepest part of a lake and don’t go fishing.

Proceeding with procrastination.

*You have a choice of how to spend you time. It’s healthy to take some time for thinking and dreaming, however, make sure and calendar the time for “Getting Things Done.”

Giving Up

*Don’t ever give up… on our successful outcomes. Don’t stop 3 feet short of gold that we often hear. Believe me, I’ve come close myself and gave it one more whirl and there was the “gift.”

The greatest thing you can do everyday to keep your “Windows Clean” is continually build a belief in yourself.
Appreciate and track your wins everyday
Do something everyday to exercise your courage
Give yourself an “energy” boost. If something seems scary, do a “power pose” … my favorite is the “X” pose… you will automatically feel more confident and personally powerful. Your body chemistry actually wakes us and comes alive.

It’s time to “wash” your windows… and be renewed by your view -cc

April 10, 2017
All rights reserved.

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