Claudia Cooley

Professional Success Coaching


It’s time to Rev Up for Success with professional business and life success coaching that will empower you to build a successful business and career while keeping your life in balance… or having “Success Synergy.” A balanced life = a happy life. If you want to feel fulfilled and happy in your life, business or career, you need success coaching. Imagine getting expert advice, proven strategies, and excellent mentorship from someone with one goal in mind: YOUR SUCCESS.


Ignite Your Life Group Coaching

Based on the new book, The 7 Mind Shifts to Ignite Your Success, the Success Momentum coaching program will deliver a blueprint for success in your life. You will fully maximize your potential and achieve amazing results.
Choose one of these four powerful success programs to suit your personal needs.

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A Professional Success Coach to Help Achieve Your Dreams

Claudia Cooley has over three decades of teaching and corporate training experience, which she leverages in her work as a success coach. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners find more time, earn more money and have more fun! As a coach, Claudia has a synergistic approach. She believes that to truly achieve success, your health, wealth and relationships should all be in alignment. Over the years, she’s developed tools, techniques and strategies to ensure this synergy takes place in your life. It’s all about Living Your Life in Balance.
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