Claudia Cooley


Spring Fashion in Full Bloom- 2013

Fashion Strokes from Claudia Cooley, Fashion Editor on alert • Mod Dresses & Power Suits • Black and White Daywear …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaFeb 26,13

Empowering Your Color Influence

Have you ever looked up at someone and thought “Wow” they look fabulous! Or saw someone in a restaurant and …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJun 29,12

What Gives You Distinction?

What gives you distinction? What sets you apart from others that are doing the same things you are doing. I …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 30,12

Let’s “Dazzle” The World Today

Let’s “dazzle” the world today. Let your light shine and allow the world experience your “Brilliance” today. Today is the …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 26,12

50th Anniversary

Dale and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary on Sept 2 and have made a commitment to each other to …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaSep 2,11
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