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What you do today matters

“Preparing” …As you become the Best Version of Yourself There are numerous definitions that link to being prepared and I’d …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMay 1,17

Mark Maes

Last year I had to amazing opportunity to meet Mark. I was so impressed as we sat and had a …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 28,17

All In

This year our church has set the focus to be “All In.”  This resonated with me right from January 1, …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 17,17

Clean Windows

After a long winter, I realized that it was definitely time to have my windows cleaned. While living in an …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 10,17

Jim Cathcart

If you’ve heard the term “Relationship Selling” then Jim Cathcart has reached you. I have been excited to bring Jim …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 7,17

Roy Smoothe – The Cool Branding Guy

Roy Smoothe, known as the Cool Branding Guy and founder of “Just Cool Lifestyle Brand,” helps corporations and individuals discover …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 3,17

Your One Landmark that draws you to Success

Your One Landmark that draws you to Success “Focus” “A person with comparatively moderate powers will accomplish much, if they …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 3,17

Creating the Self-Discipline Muscle

Self-Discipline – To do what one knows is best and doing it gladly. “With Self- Discipline most Anything is Possible.” …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 27,17

Christopher Clay Jones

Upon meeting Christopher a few years back, right away, I found him to be so interesting, approachable, sincere and a …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 24,17

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Enthusiasm is Contagious And a Positive Attitude Conducts the Energy Define Enthusiasm ~ Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval; …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 19,17
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