Your One Landmark that draws you to Success

Your One Landmark that draws you to Success “Focus” “A person with comparatively moderate powers will accomplish much, if they …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaApr 3,17

Creating the Self-Discipline Muscle

Self-Discipline – To do what one knows is best and doing it gladly. “With Self- Discipline most Anything is Possible.” …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 27,17

Christopher Clay Jones

Upon meeting Christopher a few years back, right away, I found him to be so interesting, approachable, sincere and a …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 24,17

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Enthusiasm is Contagious And a Positive Attitude Conducts the Energy Define Enthusiasm ~ Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval; …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 19,17

JaMarr Brown

JaMarr Brown is the founder of the Selling In Color personality profile sales and communication training system and the creator …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 15,17

The Most Overlooked Key for Success

The Most Overlooked Key for Success “The Happiness Factor” …As you live the life you love “Success is not the …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 12,17

Rasheed Louis

Rasheed Louis is a true Entrepreneur and a mentor in his community. He’s a Producer, Branding and Marketing Expert. He …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 10,17

The Power Of Your “Why”

Your strongest desires will drive your actions and light up your life My guess is that you’ve given a lot …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaMar 7,17

Protect “Your One Important Thing”

What robs us from achieving goals, dreams and success? Distractions, lack of focus, not knowing what we really want and …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaFeb 27,17

Clifton Anderson

Meeting Clifton Anderson, the Founder and CEO of Treasure Holders International,  a few years ago, I immediately knew he would …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaFeb 26,17
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