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Empowering your Moxie … Your True Grit

Your ability to carry on toward your goals and hit your target In the past several months I’ve become crystal …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaFeb 5,17

Inspiring the world by making wishes come true

Frank Shankwitz and I met in person a little over a year ago for the first time and hearing is …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 31,17

Raven Blair Glover – from stuck & struggling to unleashing your ‘unstoppable’ power within

With many years of experience, Raven’s first explored the idea of becoming a radio show diva while sitting in a …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 31,17

The Big Rocks In Your Life

The Big Rocks Significant Planning for Significant Outcomes What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 29,17

Confidence- Once we Believe and Trust In ourselves… we can achieve anything

Nurturing a healthy self-confidence is what will make you unstoppable. It takes a healthy “trust in yourself” to become brave, …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 23,17

Michael Gerber – The New Dreaming Room

Michael Gerber -mega-bestselling author of 29 ‘E-Myth’ books  Join me, Claudia Cooley, on this supercharged presentation with Michael E. Gerber. …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 12,17

Just One Word

“More than one Power Action…Supercharge 2017 with One Word” “Choosing your “one word” will provide you with a beacon to guide …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaJan 3,17

Lost your Zest?

“Practice The Happiness Factor” “If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaDec 17,16

The “Nature Aspect of the Sequence of Events” – With Joan K. Aronson, Esq.

  Joan K. Aronson is a licensed Attorney. In addition to her law practice, Joan earned a Bachelor of Science …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaDec 15,16

This Author’s “Rollercoaster” Journey

“The Surprise Inspiration” “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches You a lot about your destination.”  Drake It was a spring …Read More

Profile PhotoClaudiaDec 11,16
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