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Nadine Lajoie

International Award-Winning Entrepreneur (16 awards), Woman of Impact of the Year 2012, owner of multiple businesses (Canada-USA) and “Champion Motorcycle …Read More

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Eddie Orantes

Eddie Orantes is an Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP) Personality Type with Business Development and Project Management training. He is …Read More

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Kelli C. Holmes

Kelli C. Holmes, CEO and Founder of TEAM Referral Network and TEAM Franchise Corporation has worked with thousands of businesses …Read More

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Patti Cotton

Are you ready to play a bigger game? Patti Cotton will open a new world of possibilities for you— both …Read More

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Vaughn Fahie

Vaughn Fahie turned his passion into his profession.  He delivers a strong message to embrace what you love to do …Read More

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Angela Alexander

On April 1, 2000 while Angela was in Japan on military duty, her husband and four children were involved in …Read More

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meghan kennedy

Like many military children, Meghan Kennedy had to face the challenges of moving, making new friends, and going to new …Read More

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Kimber Leigh

KIMBER LEIGH, is a highly respected American Actress, model, producer, TV Host and spokesperson well steeped in the Arizona Cinema …Read More

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Kevin Yungman

Maintaining a 4.0 as a full time college student and working with some of the top minds in a plethora …Read More

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