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Showing appreciation is like a muscle… the more you give compliments and show appreciation the more it becomes something that just comes naturally.  It will slide from your heart right out into the heart of another. The huge benefit is you’ve made a difference in someone’s life… !

It only takes a few minutes a day to nurture your relationships… at home, at work, and in your community of friends.  Here is an easy 3 things to do each day that will make your day and possibly change the day of another… Say to 3 different people “I love you”, I appreciate you, or “I’m proud of you”.  Of course you will chose which relationships to use which compliments with. If you tell someone you love them all the time…try “I’m proud of you”.  

During the time I was a teacher I found this list and would refer to it often.  So now I’m sharing it with you… you may want to put it on a cupboard door to refer to often.  

To your greatest relationships yet, Claudia

99 Ways to say “VERY GOOD!”

1. You’re on the right track now!

2. You’re doing a good job!

3. You did a lot of work today!

4. Now you’ve figured it out.

5. That’s RIGHT!!!

6. Now you’ve got the hang of it!

7. That’s the way!

8. You’re really going to town!

9. You’re doing fine!

10. Now you have it!

11.That’s coming along nicely!

13. That’s great!

14. You did it that time!

15. GREAT!



18. You outdid yourself today!


21. That’s better.


23. That’s a good (boy/girl).

24. Good job, (name of student).

25. That’s the best you have ever done.

26. Good going!

27. Keep it up!

28. That’s really nice.

29. WOW!

30. Keep up the good work.

31. Much better.

32. Good for you!

33. That’s much better!

34. Good thinking!

35. Exactly right!

36. SUPER!

37. Nice going.

38. You make it look easy.

39. I’ve never seen anyone do it better.

40. You’re doing that so much better today.

41. Way to go!

42. Not bad.

43.  Superb!

44. You’re getting better everyday.


46. I knew you could do it.

47. Keep working on it you’re getting better.

48. You’re doing beautifully.

49. You’re really working hard today.

50. That’s the way to do it!

51. Keep on trying.

52.  Nothing can stop you now.

53.  Awesome!

54. You’ve got it made.

55. You are very good at that.

56. You are learning fast.

57. I am very proud of you.

58. You certainly did well today.

59. You’ve just about got it.

60. That’s good.

61. I’m happy to see you working like that.

62. I’m proud of the way you worked today.

63. That’s the right way to do it.

64. You are really learning a lot.

65. That’s better than ever.

66. That’s quite an improvement.

67. That kind of work makes me happy.


69. Now you’ve figured it out.


71. That’s not half bad!

72. FINE!

73. You’ve got your brain in gear today.

74. That’s IT!

75. You’ve figured it out fast.

76. You remembered.

77. You’re really improving.

78. I think you’ve got it now.

79. Well look at you go!

80. You’ve got that down well.



83. I like that.

84. Couldn’t have done it better myself.

85. Now that’s what I call a fine job.

86. You did that very well.

87. Congratulations!

88. That was first class work!

89. Right on!


91. That’s the best ever. 

92. Good remembering!

93. You haven’t missed a thing.

94. It’s a lot of pleasure to teach when you work like that.

95. You really make my job fun.

96. Congratulations. You got (number of behav.) right!

97. You’ve just about mastered that!

98. One more time and you’ll have it.

99. You must have been practicing!

October 12, 2019
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