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Confidence- Once we Believe and Trust In ourselves… we can achieve anything

Nurturing a healthy self-confidence is what will make you unstoppable. It takes a healthy “trust in yourself” to become brave, take risks and accomplish your purpose.

Self-confidence is crucial and a cornerstone of positive living. It affects how you think, act and even how you relate to others. Luckily, you already have this seed planted in you. Isn’t this good news! You don’t have to go in search of it, take a class or even attain a certificate to find all of your wonderful qualities within you that are full of purpose, potential and possibilities. However, you do need to discover it, cultivate it, feed it and keep it nourished and it will serve you well always.

“With CONFIDENCE you have WON before you have started.” ~Marcus Garvey

What gets in our way of becoming successful in our lives is often a lower self-esteem and not “Trusting in Ourselves” to achieve a fulfilling life. We have the opportunity to create some pretty amazing things in and for our lives and yet, fear pops in and negative self-talk takes over and this becomes a huge roadblock.

What often gets in our way is our mindset.
We settle on what is safe or easy
We have a fear of failure, a fear of rejection or disappointing others
We don’t believe we are good enough or have what it takes to be successful

Years ago, I realized that one of the things that could steal my dreams was a fear of failure. This fear had the potential to rob my opportunities to fulfill my purpose, kill my passion, and steal my happiness. Being a type A personality with a “good girl” attitude makes it easy for me to get stuck in the preparation of “being” perfect which keeps me from even getting out of the starting gate. “Get all of those ducks in a row,” I’d say. This was either my style or a really bad habit… either way… it certainly was paralyzing and held me back. I’d say to myself… “What if others see me fall flat on my face.” Over time, I realized that I would fail from time to time and no one ever criticized me but were more apt to help me recover and move forward.

It has become apparent to me that I’m not the only one that deals with this mindset issue, however, the key question is how do we overcome our fear? This is my discovery that I feel so compelled to share with you. You will win more than you fail. You can look your fear straight on and refused to back down or give into it. You can break through the wall of fear and this starts with a healthy dose of believing in yourself.

Take a pad of “Post Notes” and start writing on each one, “I’m more than enough,” I’m powerful and wonderfully made,” “I’m a winner.” When you fill all 50 – 75 sheets on the pad with statements like these, then post them everywhere. Over your bed, on your bathroom mirror, on the frig., in your car…anywhere you spend time. Your mindset will shift to create a healthy self-esteem and a nurtured self-confidence.

Self-Confidence – a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment
Self-Esteem – a healthy belief in oneself and respect for one’s worth.

“As is our CONFIDENCE, so is our CAPACITY.” ~ William Hazlitt

Appreciate who you are, your uniqueness and special design. Reach for your own personal A+ each and everyday. As you step into YOUR OWN PERSONAL GIFTS, TALENTS AND ABILITIES, celebrate all that you bring to this earth that no one else does. As you do this your passion and excitement for life will ignite. This is how you nourish your confidence … trust in YOU!

January 23, 2017
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