Claudia Cooley

Cynthia McGuigan & Lance Asbra

Cynthia McGuigan shares how she moved from a bottom of utter despair to successfully raising a son, graduating from college while working full time to now creating a non-profit organization to actively help Veterans, mental health and domestic violence victims and the homeless by providing housing and stability for these families in the Inland Empire.  Giving hope is her desire.

Lance Asbra  – With a degree in Criminal Justice and on his way to Law School, God intersected and set him on a different course.  Now, he has found his plan “B” became a far better course than plan “A” and now his life is design around his true abilities and love to work with and help at-risk children.  In collaborative effort with counties, churches and the faith community, “Faith In Motion” movement helps foster and at-risk children to create a better life…giving opportunity for dreams to happen.

May 18, 2015
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