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Author / Speaker Debra Faris bring’s a twist to LinkedIn & custom’s fit for Realtor’s, Lenders & Sales Consultants to network like a master. Debra Faris aka Ms LinkedIn & Ms Connector, was the LinkedIn coach for a 50 million dollar coach “Mike Ferry who is the top real estate coach in the US”. She’s trained Business Owners, CEO’s-CFO’s, Solo Preneurs & people in sales from many different industries. She created a new way for CEO’s & CFO’s or left brain-right brain people to network on & off LinkedIn.
Her approach is part traditional business sense & part intuitive. What other LinkedIn trainers call Secrets Debra call’s it just makes good business sense, Debra will show the 7 key strategies that will change the way how you use LinkedIn.
 ♦ 7 Strategies to Transform your LinkedIn Business
► Make SEO work for you
► Formatting… the Power of Visualization
► “Make a Difference” through Projects & Charities
► Engage or Not to Engage, Influencer by Association
► How to find your Tribe & Your groups
► Are you loosing money, learn how to create your CRM
► What Secrets Big Connectors know that you should
June 12, 2014
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