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Dr. Craig A. Ponder


Dr. Craig A. Ponder Sr., Ph.D., CEA, is not only a SUCCESSFUL ordained Apostle and an ACCOMPLISHED Entrepreneur for over 40 years, he holds five professional designations, a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.) in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology with an emphasis in Economics. He is a Lecturer, Author, Financial Educator, Retirement Expert, and Chancellor. Dr. Ponder and his beautiful wife Dr. Darlene, have been together since he was 19 years old or over 32 years now. He is now pioneering a global “Accelerated School of Business, With A Biblical Worldview” in a method that is guaranteed to help the Body of Christ achieve real financial, personal and social success in a revolutionary way that has never been done before.

Dr. Ponder, is CEO of Financial Wealth Coach, Inc. and is the author and creator of the Get Financially Prepared In 68 Days™ Curriculum, Financial Freedom for Families™ Curriculum and the Are You Financially Prepared Assessment™. Dr. Ponder has invested over 23 years consulting and coaching thousands of Americans, Christians, Teachers, Self-Employed, Baby Boomers, Seniors, Women and Home Owners on “How To Grow Their Retirement Nest-Egg Every Year No Matter What Is Going On In The Stock and Real Estate Market!” In those 23 years not one of Dr. Ponders, clients has ever lost one penny of their retirement or college savings money! It’s time to learn how to Protect, Multiply, and Privatize Your Money!

Dr. Craig, is also a John C. Maxwell Certified, Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker.

December 17, 2015
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