Claudia Cooley

Dr. Wini Curley

The Clarity & Change Catalyst, helps organizations and executives who have been knocked sideways by a tough challenge to come it feeling whole, joyful, connected, and alive.  When we try something new or deal with unwanted change, the stress and pressure contaminates our thoughts and attitudes with doubt and fear.  Those are the enemies of positive change.  Wini combines her clear insights on how to cleanup and detox negative beliefs and attitudes with practical tools to make changes that last.     For over 20 years, Wini has been a sought after environmental toxicologist, consultant, and expert witness cleaning up hazardous waste sites.  At the same time, she handled her not so minor personal challenges—an infant daughter with a life threatening heart condition, and later her own emergency surgery and a brush with mortality. Personal growth study became her passion, and is now her business.  She is an expert at cleaning up toxic messes whether they are in the external environment, or inside your head and heart. Wini’s skills and expertise are rooted in science, business, and spirituality blended through years serving corporate clients, working in small to large top tier consulting firms, and owning her own firm.  If you are an entrepreneur or high achiever professional, Wini can help you find out what it would take for you to work with a peace of mind and heart while staying productive.

July 20, 2014
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