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Your Best Brand…Is Becoming your most Confident You!

In a world where CEO’s wear hoodies and corporate meetings are held at coffee shops, it can be hard to figure out exactly what image you need to send the right message and insure your most successful first and lasting impression.

We are living in a world ruled by images (think Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope) where often the image you present is the only information people have for forming impressions of you and deciding if you are a person they want to know, trust or like. “You might be the best at what you do, but if you’re not projecting the best image that fits your brand, you’re not getting the right message across,” says Jennifer Shultz stylist for the celebrities.

“The effect of a personal and professional image on your career and your inter- action with others can be significant. Your professional image not only affects how others react and interact with you but also affects your self- confidence and performance. When you believe you are dressed with polish, you tend to feel a heightened sense of self-confidence because you know you’ve shown up well,”

- Columbia University

As the founder of C.C.Inc., my passion is to provide inspiration, motivation and education to help people find their own unique design and soar from there. From the boardrooms of major corporations to the classrooms for high school students, I’ve seen outstanding results over and over and now it’s here for you.

For several decades I have worked in this world, where people size you up in the first 8-10 seconds they meet you. Your self-confidence is elevated as you believe in yourself and know how to show up as the best version of “You” that enhances your 1st impression. I set the intention daily to deliver the tools, knowledge and skills for creating a package that expresses personal authenticity and uniqueness for each individual I work with.

At Claudia Cooley, Inc., and considered an expert in this field, I pride myself in giving the highest level of expertise blended with my decades of experience to deliver the personal guidance that allows you to embrace your true authenticity as you encounter your most powerful outcomes and possibilities.

  • In each of the “Winning Image” trainings you will receive valuable training designed to enhance and empower your unique style.
  • We offer one-to-one sessions, workshops and our signature Personal VIP Day. You can choose one package or all three where you will be guided to discover and develop you own Personal Style DNA, Shape DNA, or Unique Color DNA.
  • This powerful triad of coaching provides the complete “tool kit” to totally empower your Winning Image and take your confidence to a new level.
  • We offer programs live and virtually to deliver results globally.

Your Passion for Style will be unleashed and you will be recognized as someone with a sense of fashion, a sense of style and panache.

Share your dazzling brilliance that is in you with everyone today!

Additional Outcomes and benefits you will experience:

  • Taking the guesswork out of looking your best
  • Choosing a wardrobe that enhances you personally and your brand
  • Saving money on purchase mistakes or items that don’t bring out your best
  • Having a closet that has everything you need without breaking the budget
  • Knowing your colors and style that flatter you and not just being driven by fashion trends
  • Know how to dress for any occasion as you flatter your best assets
  • Walk out your door with total confidence

Are people compelled to work with you, buy your products and support your optimal success goals?

Does your personal image help you build the rich life you dream of? My students all say “Yes”... and are celebrating their successes today…you will too!

Programs descriptions are listed below.

Empower Your Success Image Package Series:

Workshop I – Empower Your Color Impact & Influence
Workshop II – Empower Your Body Style DNA
Workshop III – Empower you Image Style DNA

+ Put it all together- Magically Empower Your Wardrobe for Success Workshop 

Workshop 1 - Empower Your Color Impact & Influence

Use Claudia’s signature assessment tool and her personalized analysis system, to discover the colors that flatter you and empower you for success in all area of your life. You will walk away with the knowledge, training and personalized lifetime guide to support all of your decision-making purchases.

1 Hour of Personalized Color Discovery - (Valued at nearly $1000.00) Includes: Your Uniquely You Color Pallet™, Power Indicator Tool™ + Training for using your colors powerfully and save you tons of money.

Workshop II – Empower Your Unique Body Style DNA – 3 ½ Hr.

Let your self-esteem spiral to new heights. Use Claudia’s skillfully designed tools to quickly provide the Action Steps to enhance your body type, know your dressing styles perfect for you and always know what to where when.

Shop with total confidence, as you use the personalized Empower You Unique Body Style Syllabus that is your walk-a-way lifetime tool to enhance your personal image DNA transformation. (Value - $800.00)

Workshop III – Empower you Image Style DNA

People gravitate to those that show up fully authentic and reflect their true essence. Don’t you Want to Explore your most valuable component, your style that is as individual as your fingerprint. Claudia has created a unique self-discovery interactive process that allows you to uncover and clearly identify your style distinctions. Now, you can dress for your mood, any occasion and your style…all at once…brilliant! Create Your Image Message (Value - $800.00)

This powerful Triad gives you all the keys to totally Empower Your Success. See What’s Next…

Put it all together – Magically Empower Your Wardrobe for Success Workshop

This is the Icing on the Cake. Super Charge your wardrobe to be Fashion Savvy, Budget Savvy and Me Savvy. Never again be disappointed when you go to your closet. Use Claudia’s Best Kept Secrets to access spectacular outcomes. Turn a few pieces of clothing into 2,000 outfits. Master these easy strategies…create the wardrobe you love, saving time, confusion. These secrets are pure gold. (Value - $500.00)


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