Claudia Cooley

Empowering Your Color Influence

Have you ever looked up at someone and thought “Wow” they look fabulous! Or saw someone in a restaurant and they looked kind of washed out and “blah”….nine times out of ten it’s the colors they are wearing that have such a dramatic impact on their “look”! This month I’ve had so many amazing opportunities to meet with dynamic women who are excited to express their own uniqueness and special qualities.  For July, I’d love to share my knowledge on the impact color has on us personally and the influence it has on others we meet day-to-day.  Lately, I’ve had several occasions to demonstrate with individuals the affects of their unique colors and how totally empowering these colors are in their life! More over, the colors we surround ourselves have a powerful influence on our own emotions and health.

Let me give you a bit of scientific research on the effects of color on our emotions…  What do you think of when you see “Blue”? How does it make you feel? What about yellow, purple, red, green and other colors that come to mind?  Take a minute; write down each color and how you associate with it, meaning how do you feel when you think about that color. Let’s take “Blue”. Blue is thought to induce calm and sleepiness by slowing down the nervous system.  You may feel cooler when surrounded by the color blue.  Purple, sits on the fence on the color wheel, people either love it or hate it… (not too much in between) with regards to purple.  Although, one thing we think about purple is royalty and elegance, but for some people, it is a color best left as an accent color… for others they can paint their entire canvas with it!  Green communicates growth and says this person is balanced.  It also is the color of money… (as we all know) so it can say “Wealth”.  Yellow, lift spirits… feels sunny and warm and is associated with happiness.  Many say it inspires creativity. Red… daring and passionate increases the heart rate. The richness of this color helps us connect the dots of feelings of love and romance.

Color can communicate so many thoughts and feelings in amazing ways! But what I really want is for you to begin to understand how your own colors communicate and influence others.  I encourage you to think about discovering what your best colors are and how they can enrich your life.  I recently had a client who had her colors analyzed for her uniqueness and personality. She discovered what her “power” colors were, what her “understated colors”, her “restful” colors and the colors that communicated “vibrancy and vitality”. She put my system to work and used them on a recent vacation.  She was looking to create an opportunity to meet a nice guy and establishing a relationship that would be real and fabulous.  Guess what?  That is exactly what happened!  She put the plan I taught her to work, using her colors to be empowering for each occasion. This raised her confidence so she felt confident enough to express herself with authenticity.  When we are truly authentic we are at our most powerful! Wow!  They clicked and are still dating today!

Knowing your most attractive colors is a great beginning to capture the importance of your own unique impact on the world… Please go to my website and read about color.  I have over four decades of experience with color and hundreds of clients still using my personalized information. Color is just one part of what I provide and teach for success strategies in all areas of life.  I love to help empower you to empower others! The possibilities are endless!

See you next month when we come together once again for “Imagining a Life that Reflects the Success in You!”

Claudia Cooley
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June 29, 2012
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