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Empowering your Moxie … Your True Grit

Your ability to carry on toward your goals and hit your target

In the past several months I’ve become crystal clear on becoming crystal clear. Is anyone else on that journey with me? Too many “fish to fry”, not enough hours in the day, so many decisions to be made and … where are those answers? Loving what I do, I knew I needed to be come really focused to accomplish my “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” as Darren Hardy says.

Then my friend, Reuben Cano, pointed out and really almost insisted that I look at yet another system…! My thoughts were, no, not another learning curve.
I use to say that I was great at multi-tasking and yes, I did get a lot done each and everyday.

But, now when I really look deeper into my own concept, that multi-tasking is possible, I remember what a business colleague, Brandon Barber of Brandon Barber Coaching in Colorado, once told me.

Only 3% of the population can successfully “multi-task” and guess what my answer was? You are right. I was determined to be one of the 3%. As I become painfully honest with myself, I’m pretty sure I fit in with the other 97% as most of us do.

By coming to grips with this reality, I began my journey to really hone in on one thing at a time. Even though my business and life passion is to inspire others to achieve success in the five key areas of life, I’ve discovered the power of focusing on the “One Important Thing” that by doing such will make everything easier or unnecessary, is the power key.

Taking some ideas from “Simpleology” this amazing daily management system Reuben shared with me, I want to share some easy tips to move you toward your goals quickly, smoothly and easily. Whatever system or process you use to manage your day… make sure to use it.

Empowering your Moxie – Staying Energized and Enthused about your Journey
What is Moxie? It is simply the ability to be active, courageous and determined. And it means to be energized and have some “Know How”.

Start with Focus – your ability to carry on toward your goal or I like to say your target, even in the face of adversity.

• Building a belief around your one goal, yourself and the world
• Have an action plan that stacks the deck in your favor
Observe what is happening for minor course-corrections needed before it’s too late

Recognition – organize things such that you experience validation internally and externally. This is also very healthy by the way.

Believe your target is achievable, worthy and rewarding. Believe you are capable and worthy and have a belief that in the world there is no real failure, just feedback. People respect responsible, enthusiastic and competent people. AND remember, you were born with greatness in you… let your Moxie show it off.

Your action plan is the most successful when you surround it with a “Productivity Habit”. You will overcome any procrastination by developing high-energy habits. In fact, you will end your day with energy to spare. Create a work environment that is free of distractions. My recommendation, when you leave your work space at the end of the day… have it all organized and ready for the next day…do it as if someone else will be working in your space. (Some influential person)

Be observant about what is really happening in your life and business. Are you really accomplishing things or doing busy work. I totally get this… it can happen so quickly and subtly that you aren’t even pointed at your “One” target any longer.

Recently, I had a coaching client that was opening a new business in an established complex. He wanted his business to stand out as top notch to make a wonderful 1st impression when new clients entered the building. He was having so much fun with the design, décor and decorating he took his eyes off of the main purpose of his business…to help people in their physical performance recovery. He actually wasn’t focused on what he needed to do to attract clients into the facility. Marketing needed to be a high priority focus activity.
Using the One Domino principle and strategy I teach and coach, we re-established the action plan to match his one big hairy audacious goal… fill his business with people he can help. Now when he thinks about whether to add an area rug, he remembers he will have plenty of time to focus on that when the people are flowing easily into his business.

Recognition and Validation internally and externally will empower your Moxie and determination to stretch even more than you believe you could. You will become stronger, have a stronger self-esteem (priceless), and courage to keep moving toward the person you want to be. Remember you were born with greatness in you… it’s in your DNA.
“Distractions, lack of focus, not knowing what we really want and not believing we really deserve it, are the thieves that rob us. It requires becoming the guardian of your “One Important Thing”. cc
Keep me posted on your successes and any questions you’d like me to speak to.

February 5, 2017
All rights reserved.

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