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Enthusiasm is Contagious

Enthusiasm is Contagious
And a Positive Attitude Conducts the Energy

Define Enthusiasm ~ Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval; a strong excitement of feeling ‣ she did her work with energy and enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.” Bryant H. McGill

I mention enthusiasm at this point because it’s the most powerful ingredient in motivating our self and others. Take a moment and think about the leaders and projects that have been the most exciting and rewarding for you. Chances are they were lead by people who loved what they were doing and were excited to see the results. Their enthusiasm was contagious and it ignited the spark of enthusiasm in everyone else who was asked to participate.

Enthusiasm corresponds directly with clarity of vision and of purpose. If you know exactly what is awaiting you when you reach your big dream you are going to be enthusiastic to get there.

Well if enthusiasm is contagious what is the benefit to others.

Have you ever needed to motivate a team to get a job done? Or get your family to help you clean the garage?

Over the years I’ve used enthusiasm to ignite excitement for projects that need to be done, to inspire courage in others and to empower self-confidence. But I was really excited when I discovered I could use this special positive energy at home too.

Within most of us is the ability to think on positive things and inspire our own enthusiasm. Fuel it, so to speak, to grow and even energize others. It can be shared… yes it can spread like a wildfire and become of epidemic proportion. Why?
Because Enthusiasm is Contagious.

In the most sincere and earnest way, I have used this knowledge to grow an excitement for a project amongst my team, classrooms and even within my own family. Enthusiasm must be AUTHENTIC…come from inside of you… from your heart.

I’ll share a quick story to shed some light on where I’m going with this. I had an ah ha moment several years ago that proved to me the power in this message.

That’s it! My family should be helping me with this! Tired of completing my weekly weeding ritual alone, I marched into our family room and made my demand, “I don’t want to do the weeding by myself anymore. After all, we all live here and reap the benefits of a beautiful yard. I think it’s only fair that you come and join me. We will all be responsible for one section, so that it’s fair. No if’s, ands or buts. You need to do your part each week.” Even with the finger shaking and foot stomping, my demands accomplished nothing.

The next week came, and the flowerbeds looked pretty much the same. What’s wrong with this picture? Why aren’t they listening? And then it hit me. Here I teach motivation and how to inspire others to work to their fullest potential, and I haven’t even tried my techniques with my own family. I ran back to the house – this time, with a smile on my face and enthusiasm coursing through me. I fully expected a different outcome with this new idea. “Hey, let’s go on a picnic. Ryann, you grab the picnic basket. Kori, grab the drinks. Honey, you grab that big blanket that is so perfect for padding the ground. Jeff, grab the tunes. I’ll get the food and meet you all out in front.”
When I saw they were packing everything into the car, I turned up the enthusiasm. “Whoa gang, this is the best part. We don’t even have to waste time driving to the park. Let’s just spread out the picnic here on our beautiful lawn.”

When they put the blanket down, I encouraged them to move it a little closer to the flowerbeds ‘where it’s more level.’ We spread out all the yummy nibbles and started to chat. While we were all enjoying ourselves, I asked Ryann to reach behind him and pull a weed at the edge of the blanket. Then I asked Kori. Rip! Then I asked Jeff and still without thinking, he pulled it. Finally, my husband pulled one too. It didn’t take any of them long to figure out what had happened. Mom had pulled a fast one. The picnic was intended to be both fun and work. They had a good laugh, and we ended up making that weed-pulling picnic a weekly family ritual. We create two things together – great family time and a fabulous front year. All because I chose to shift gears and move into enthusiasm.

Find some enthusiasm for what has to be done and be contagious as you create some fun!

March 19, 2017
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