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Dream it, Believe it, Prepare for it, DO IT !!


Gillian Larson has never satisfied her appetite for adventure and travel despite her wide array of experiences throughout her 67 years. She has traveled through 46 countries and all but a few U.S. states, much of it backpacking. This adventurous “granny” can climb and rappel 4,000 foot mountains and swim with the Great Whites. Not only is she versatile, but she is competitive by nature and feels as though she was a perfect fit for the game of SURVIVOR, she applied 15 times, went to 2 Open calls and had 3 interviews and never gave up . She always believed she would one day be selected and was for Gabon…She is an inspiration to young and old alike.  Her  audience of any  demographic,  walk away being inspired and motivated, with a new flame burning in their hearts to go for their dream, because “they can”.

Married 43 years to her husband, Ron, Gillian has three married daughters and seven grandchildren. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, She was awarded several academic and athletic honors. Gillian met her American husband in Germany and moved to the United States. The couple has relocated 18 times and currently resides in Temecula, Calif. since 2001. Her proudest achievement is her awesome family. Retired after working as a registered nurse for 41 years in many fields she now devotes her time to making a difference in people’s lives where she can. Speaking engagements, charity work, community networking, Medical Crew for Susan G Komen and producing Reality Rally.


Her selection to play Survivor was always driven by her desire to do more with it and when asked “why” her answer was always “ Because I can. We live in the most awesome country where everything is possible if you just reach out and grab it. We have the freedom to do it and our ability is our own to decide. We should always remember that. ” We are the masters of our fate.

Survivor gave her a spring board to do good. She is involved in many fund raising events, has organized many and has developed Reality Rally which is a trademarked fund raising business to raise funds with other Reality Stars. tells it all. She does Motivational Speaking engagements to schools, faculty and students, Service groups, Organizations, Corporations and other groups. Testimonials from some of her 399 to date speeches can be seen at   Her focus is her motto and her 12 “P’s” of success..

Dream it,

Believe it,

Prepare for it,

DO IT !!!!

She relates each of these principles to her entire Survivor experience and is inspiring, powerful and entertaining.  Be the best you can be no matter your age, live life and love life   “If I can reach only one person in each group and they make a positive change, my message is heard” and she obviously reaches hundreds as she gets hundreds of emails attesting to it.

April 28, 2014
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