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How to define if you are an entrepreneur

Define an Entrepreneur :
Someone Juggling Balls or Wearing Several Hats and Needing more …

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler

no-timeJust this week, I met with a new coaching client that my first question to him was, “How Many Balls are you Juggling at any one time?” Without hesitation he responded four. I quickly said, “You’ve past the test… you truly are an entrepreneur.”

As we move forward in time, it appears to me we become busier and busier. I just set aside some time a minute ago to determine how many minutes I have in a month. Now, I’m not a math whiz, so you may need to check my numbers to see how accurate I am, but the numbers I found certainly made me blink twice. My calculation is we have 43,200 minutes in a month… and that is using a 30-day month. With this in mind, I gave consideration to my more than forty thousand minutes and assessed if I was happy with the way I manage my time.

I just read a few sentences from Brian Tracy’s newest book, “Master Your Time Master Your Life,” that isn’t quite released yet where he mentions that shifting our thinking from “Time Management” (which most of us are so tired of hearing about) to “Life Management” is a more empowering consideration.

Benjamin Franklin said,
“Do ye value life? Then waste not time, for that is the stuff out of which life is made.”

Over the last several years in my coaching business, I have created a great way to manage the “Balls in the Air” and not drop any. This does require keeping your eye on the ball, however, we must be aware that timing is everything. Managing your time… your amazing gift. And that is what time is… a beautiful gift we each have. We can share it or hoard it but we can’t stockpile it. So lets find ways to use it wisely.
I’m going to share a strategy that I shared with my client this week. We took a closer look at his four major balls he was juggling and he realized he was about to eliminate one… so in essences he has three. This is the strategy:

Complete the action steps above. Next divide your “Dynamics in Balance” circle into 3 parts. If you are juggling more than one thing… then put each of the “balls” in the circle. Make a center circle in the middle that represents “You”. This is for you to spend on yourself to refresh, refocus and grow Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

Now it’s time to determine how much “Time” you need to spend on each of your “Balls” you are juggling… which allows you to become clear on how to dedicate your daily/weekly/monthly calendar to your intention for each of your important “balls” in the air and not drop any of them. And for sure not overlook yourself in the equation. Time Management turns into Life Management. This strategy will simplify your life and you may find more “minutes” in your day than you realize that bring you fulfillment.

Make sure you make TIME for the things that really matter.

Can’t wait to hear your outcomes. Comment below and share your journey!

October 11, 2016
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