Claudia Cooley

How to handle saying “goodbye to your whole life as you know it, without actually physically dying.”


America is the Land of Dreams and the Richest Country in the World…
Then why are so many Americans Unfulfilled and Feel they never have enough:

In America from the times of Morgan and Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Carnegie, the virtue of hard work has always been highly praised as a sure path to success. Yet, why do so many Americans hate their jobs and lives, and why do so many business fail if we all work so hard?

Irina Baker has lived and searched for answers both in Russia and America, devoted 20 years to spiritual growth and earned 3 Master’s degrees. She is a Spiritual Awareness/Wealth Consciousness Mentor, speaker and a best-selling author, who discovered a profound formula for a deeply satisfying a prosperous life. Irina has helped change the lives of hundreds of clients while fulfilling her own life mission.

Irina answers my questions that I pose for her in regards to moving away from a deprivation mindset to creating a wealth consciousness. Another very powerful topic is getting around financial challenges and moving through the fears that can be wrapped around money and wealth.

Irina is transparent about her own challenges and share from her teacher/mentor heart key aspects to inspire and encourage each of us to be Fear Busters and break through barriers that may stand in our way.

Saying farewell to some things becomes necessary if we are going to move forward. Even divorce, selling your “dream” home and shifting careers were part of her story and yet it has prepared her for bigger and better things. She shares it all. And today she offered a free gift “The Blueprint System on how to remove financial fears” by going to click on the banner and receive this gift. Tucked inside, you will find 120 techniques for handling fear.

Join this conversation with Irina and me to ponder with us what it means and how to handle saying “goodbye” to your life as you know it and see what possibilities open up.

Irina is a Spiritual Awareness Mentor – Teaching entrepreneurs to create Wealth & Satisfaction the Easy Way.

#1 Amazon Bestselling Co-Author of Savvy Women: Revving Up For Success by Claudia Cooley.

Irina is also the author of:
Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account
Don’t Blame a Mirror for Your Ugly Face
Keys to Freedom: The Guide to Personal Power
Drop That Drama and Recreate the Relationship That Works

Be energized and encouraged, whether you are going to trials in your life now or just want to take your great life to an even higher level. Claudia and Irina share with you what it takes to overcome that which may be holding you back right now.

December 10, 2016
All rights reserved.

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