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Irina Baker

Irina Baker helps entrepreneurs who look like a million dollars, but feel miserable inside, to make a quantum leap from struggle and fear to a profound level of peace and contentment. She also helps people to connect with their intuition, discover their life purpose, resolve their difficult issues and feel empowered to take action and create a new happy life. Irina combines traditional education (3 master’s degrees, including Counseling) with holistic studies (numerous certifications) and her 18 years of experience in the holistic field to approach her clients’ challenges from the soul perspective on a very deep, yet practical, level. In 1996, Irina experienced a profound spiritual awakening. This amazing moment set in motion Irina’s path of intense healing and spiritual realization. That’s how Irina found her passion and her life mission to which she has devoted her life. Committed to a life-long learning, Irina holds three Master’s degrees in History & Education, Linguistics & Education, and Counseling. In her quest to fulfill her soul mission of helping people to change themselves, overcome their life challenges and manifest their dream results, Irina has been extensively trained in spiritual studies, holistic wellness and hypnosis and holds numerous certifications. Irina’s clients see her as a caring and compassionate teacher and healer having her uncanny ability to see into their life challenges, perceive the spiritual meaning, derive an insight and help them turn the challenges into positive experiences based on spiritual understanding. One of Irina’s clients stated: “I was most impressed with Irina’s breadth of knowledge and ability to key into individual needs in a non-judgmental manner.”

February 27, 2014
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