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J. Shoop

As a professional speaker, author, and achievement coach, J. Shoop’s compelling talks and

workshops have made him a highly sought-after leader in the field of Personal Development.

He is the founder of, and he simplifies achievement for entrepreneurs by

equipping them to align their outer results with their inner wisdom.

Early in his journey, J. discovered that much of the information in the success industry was focused

on having goals and developing a positive mental attitude, but continually lacking when it came to

teaching effective tactics and execution.

This led him to design his In.S.T.E.PTM system for success, which teaches entrepreneurs a precise and

personalized combination of inspiration, strategy, tactics, execution, and philosophy required to fuel

their pursuits.

His methods have been featured on stage, on-air, and in numerous on-line interviews, and the

condensed version of his success philosophies are also featured in the national best-seller

“Off the Coast of Zanzibar”, co-authored with Greg S. Reid.

His most recent book project is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015, and will further expand on

the five core principles that he masterfully weaves into his unique brand of personal achievement.

You can learn more about his services at

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