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Jane Beard


Jane Beard helps timid experts dissolve stage fright so they

can finally face a crowd and make the impact they dream of

making. Jane’s worked with Fortune 50 senior executives, as well

as contestants on “The Voice” and “Dancing With the Stars” to

make performance anxiety a thing of the past. She’s the author

of Speaking for Real and Don’t Sweat the Talk Stuff! Instant Help

for Nervous Speakers. Jane speaks around the country, and has

made numerous TV and radio appearances. And yes – in her

early professional acting career, crowds made her break out in a

cold sweat. She knows what it feels like, and has the tools to help

anyone dissolve stage fright so audiences get to experience the

things that matter most to you.

Jane Beard coaches senior executives in high-stakes

presentations that change the trajectory of companies and

careers. She’s a former professional actor and director who has

taken what she knows about deliberate, authentic, repeatable

performance to help business leaders connect with audiences.

She’s a frequent radio and television guest, and sought-after

speaker. She’s the author of Speaking for Real: A Fool-Proof Guide

to Bold, Authentic Performance and Don’t Sweat the Talk Stuff!

Instant Help for Nervous Speakers. She lives outside of Washington

DC with her husband and business partner, Jeffrey B. Davis.

February 18, 2014
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