Claudia Cooley

Just One Word

“More than one Power Action…Supercharge 2017 with One Word”

“Choosing your “one word”
will provide you with a beacon to guide you through your year…”

“A picture says more than a thousand words.” The person who came up with that saying probably never experienced the enormous power a single word can have on an individual. A single word uttered by someone you love can be the most treasured moment of your life. There is in every word the power to impact your life and that of another human’s feelings, mindset, edification, etc.
Find your Word.

What is the “One Word” that will change your life, encourage you, motivate you, or even challenges you to become the person you want to be. That one word that inspires you to focus on your goals, move you into better habits and empowers your beliefs in your endless possibilities.

If you have adopted my “Get It Done” philosophy and mindset like I have, you’ve probably already done your fair share of goal planning and setting as we move toward the beginning of another year. However, in the past, even with the greatest of goals and strongest of intention we might have fallen short on our ambitious plans. We possibly tried to do too much and as a result, we didn’t do anything very well.

Many years ago I started a simple discipline of developing a “One Word” theme for the upcoming year. Not a phrase, just a single word. By focusing on one word for the year, it gives you more clarity, passion and purpose for life. Your word will equip you, empower you and become a magnet for the life you want. Once you have established your “One Word”, you will be amazed how you will become more focused, choices simplified and decision-making becomes easier.

As you’ve followed me this year… you will have heard me speak, teach, do workshops, business building masterminds and even write books, using my “One Domino” thinking. Now we are taking the “One Domino” concept to simplify life, dump the craziness and get rid of all of the stress surrounding our lives to the next level by using the “One Word” theme.

So whether your goals for this year are to lose 10 pounds, commit to daily meditation, train harder, spend more time with the family, pay off bills, or find some fun time, by determining your “One Word” for the year this process will facilitate breakthroughs for you in every area of your life.

1. Step #1 – Take the time to unplug for a bit and ask what is that you want in your life, what do you want to achieve throughout the year?

2. Step #2 – Discover your word. Don’t just pick any word; pick one that moves you and you feel empowered by.
3. Step #3 – Live your Word. Once you discover the word that is meant for you, it’s time to live it out.

Your word will have an impact in all areas of your life: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional,relational and even financial. Keep your one word in front and center. Write it in your journal, share it with your accountability partners and even post it on your bathroom mirror and refrigerator.

I pray for you to have a breakthrough year. Embrace your possibilities… see if you can move mountains with your “One Word.”

January 3, 2017
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