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Kelli C. Holmes

Kelli C. Holmes, CEO and Founder of TEAM Referral Network
and TEAM Franchise Corporation has worked with thousands of
businesses over the last 20+ years.  Her focus is to teach
business professionals how to develop a successful business
based on “Relationship” Marketing.  She specializes in educating
and supporting professionals on how to GROW their business with
relationships and the right referrals for their business.  Kelli believes you can do
better, smarter business through Relationship Marketing.

The motto of her organization TEAM Referral Network is from the acronym
TEAM… Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM is a professional referral
organization that turns success oriented business people into a strong team of
networking professionals who work together to build their businesses by referral.
TEAM has thousands of members and has opened over 250 chapters in the U.S.
and currently expanding nationally and internationally. TEAM is launching in
Australia in TEAM Taiwan in the very near future. TEAM Franchise Corporation
was named one of the 98 Brave new Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine (Sept.
11’ issue) and has been on their TOP 500 Franchises list for 2012, 2013 and
2014. TEAM also has an extraordinary “Community Outreach” program that
benefits non-profit organizations.  Many thousands of dollars for these non-profit
members of TEAM has been generated by this program.

Kelli is the author of “EFFECTIVE Networking – Is Your Networking Not
Working?”, is a frequent featured keynote speaker at many business
conferences, is formally a consultant for the SBDC (Small Business Development
Center), a member of the National Speakers Association and has served on many
Boards for children’s charities.  She is a regular radio and webcast guest and has
done many workshops on the topic of “Networking” and “Relationship Marketing”.

TEAM Referral Network is located in La Verne, California, the same city in which
she has been a life – long resident and has been a business owner there for over
25 years. Currently she and her husband reside there with daughters Riley (13)
and Charlotte (11).

If you were to ask Kelli the root of her success, she would tell you… it is from her
faith in God and having a true passion for what she does.

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