Claudia Cooley

Kevin Yungman

Maintaining a 4.0 as a full time college student and working with some of the top minds in a plethora of industries is not all this “Yung-Man” is accomplishing. Having starred in a Broadway show, lead a Broadway company national tour, featured in feature films, and appeared in an assortment of television shows, 22 year old Kevin Yungman is working his way to the top. Born in Argentina and moving to the United States at a young age, Kevin has always had a passion for entertaining. “The beauty is that I don’t have the pressures most performers have. I don’t HAVE to do what I do, I don’t feel It’s a job, it’s more of a joy. This release of pressure allows me to be natural and connect to my audience and has given me the incredible blessing of having work in such a rigorous field. I thank God for the gifts he places in my path each and every day. Starting with the gift to breathe, and then use that breath to inspire others.” – Kevin
November 20, 2014
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