Claudia Cooley

Let’s “Dazzle” The World Today

Let’s “dazzle” the world today. Let your light shine and allow the world experience your “Brilliance” today.
Today is the first day of Spring…You can feel it in the mood of those you meet. The weather in So. CA is cold, unusual for this time of year…but I can see the snow on the mountains right outside of my office window. This is definitely the proof winter is hanging out. Did anyone check out the “ground hog” to see what he said about the arrival of “spring”? It doesn’t matter. We are ready to bring out those amazing colors that are splashing in all the store windows and in the fashion magazines pages. So whether you live on the East or West Coast…be ready to add something wonderful to your wardrobe through the experience of color.

Color makes such an impact on our lives. That is why I believe it is the best place to start as you create a fabulous wardrobe, one that you love, by first discovering your own personal color pallet, then unveil your own personal style. That what you can achieve through Uniquely You…Life & Style. Now, no stopping you!

Did you ever wish you were a high-end fashion designer so you could create something new and fresh for your wardrobe? At Uniquely You…Life & Style Workshops, we teach you how to take your existing wardrobe and update it to reflect an “Up-to-Date” Fashion Savvy woman while enhancing your personal style in a way that gives you that confident edge.

Did you know when you surround yourself with your eye color you will feel the most rested?
I love helping you discover what your best colors are! What fun!

Uniquely You…Fashion Tip

Change is GOOD
Put some spring in your step….look at styles, trends, & color direction then determine which change will enhance you and which just doesn’t’ fit. Your look will always be fresh, if it flatters your own personal style. Guess what our focus is at Uniquely You…Life & Style Workshops. “YOU”

March 26, 2012
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