Marcos Orozco


Marcos Orozco is a Speaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Father. As founder of Book Launch Academy, He is dedicated to helping Busy Speakers, Professionals, Coaches and Entrepreneurs like you, write and self publish their first nonfiction book so that they can Increase Their Influence, Leverage Their Message and Expand Their Brand even if they don’t know where to start. Marcos has launched multiple profitable ventures for over a decade and claims that the secret to his success learning from his failures. He loves empowering his community and connecting with other Entrepreneurs for exciting and profitable projects. Marcos enjoys spending quality time to his son and is currently writing his next book “Hustle Code.”

Marcos shares his journey hasn’t always been easy and is a “Professional at Failure.” We are taught to not color outside the lines and stay inside the box. However, he says, “the more you fail, the more you will succeed and your successes will become greater and greater.”

Worrying about what others think all through our lives and even within our community and social media community keeps us from reaching for our reach for our real authentic success at the highest level.

This very authentic and genuine man, shares from his heart about his journey, his deepest desires and passion to make a serious difference in the lives of others. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit like Marcos has, and celebrate who you are. He shares his secret he discovered… look in your mirror and show love, appreciation and forgiveness toward yourself. Now you are ready to live a fulfilling life.

February 12, 2017
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