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Imagine taking the number one fear, Public Speaking, and making it your number one asset? Maurice DiMino does just that. He trains executives and entrepreneurs how to use their presentations as an income generating tool for their product, service or charity. He has developed an easy to use template so that you can create raving fans. Go from zero to hero with Confidence, Character and Charisma. Prior to taking the stage as a speaker, Maurice was in sales and renting of Post Production equipment. He developed a presentation template that helped him do more than a million dollars worth of business…per month. From this experience he wrote his book “The Art of Public Speaking.” He has given over 1,500 paid presentations, seven years on the road, and has developed battle tested techniques. In 2004, Los Angeles Toastmasters voted him “Best Speaker.” This year…the TED Organization recognized him as an outstanding speaker and in April he became a TEDx speaker at San Diego State University. He has taken his book, his years of experience of being a contract/ corporate speaker and made it into a boot camp… “Discover Your Million Dollar Message.” At his Intensive – you will create a Profitable, Passionate and Powerful presentation for your product, service or charity. His clients include Microsoft, US Navy, Chinook Group, IBM, Los Angeles Food Bank along with other corporations and organizations. Whether you are speaking to 5, 50 or 500 people…in someone’s living room, board room or convention center – you are going to be asked to talk about your product or service. Maurice’s easy to use template shows you how to create a Profitable, Passionate and Powerful message every time. Keep up with him on Face Book and his website,

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