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Michael Gerber – The New Dreaming Room

Michael Gerber -mega-bestselling author of 29 ‘E-Myth’ books 

Join me, Claudia Cooley, on this supercharged presentation with Michael E. Gerber. Michael was the originator of the small business coaching industry with his founding of the Michael Thomas Corporation, The E-Myth Academy and Michael E. Gerber Companies and has served over 100,000 small business clients.

The originator of the small business coaching industry, Michael founded his first company The Michael Thomas Corporation in 1977. As he developed his successful strategies to support companies to experience success, he realized that selling is a simple system, marketing is a simple system.

Michael’s first book ‘The E-Myth’ was published in 1986, as I was starting to teach Small Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship in high schools. After being a corporate consultant trainer and with no teaching experience, I needed a tool. I discovered Michael’s E-Myth book and latched on tight to use his principles to teach my students. I will be forever grateful.

He shares insights into the entrepreneurial process of building a business and taking it from a business of ‘one’ to a business of ‘1,000.’ Michael’s most heard mantra is “Work on Your Business not In Your Business” to create the most lasting and powerful outcomes.

Discover the Four Essential Skills every Great Entrepreneur MUST develop and then own them, he says, if he or she is ever to create a Great Growing Company…like Apple,  Google, IBM, Mary Kay’s Cosmetics or McDonald’s.

He is the creator of the entrepreneurial incubator called ‘The Dreaming Room’ delivered worldwide. His list of those that have attended over the years and have grown their businesses exponentially range from small independent to world renowned mega corporations.

One CEO says, “Learning from Michael what it means to be a successful entrepreneur by clarifying personal success and to develop a strategic objective, a higher purpose that’s passionately aligned with your most powerful interest in life is the ultimate goal”.

The Dreamer has a Dream. The Thinker has a Vision. The storyteller has a Purpose. The Leader has a Mission. All to be discovered in The New Dreaming Room.
The Dreaming Room is the place to discover how to liberate yourself from your present and past to transform the state of entrepreneurship and small business throughout the world. Learn more about The Dreaming Room coming soon and the last one that Michael will lead at this website:

Michael’s Dream? To transform the state of small business worldwide.

January 12, 2017
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