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Prepare for Outcomes – Declare your Target!

“Goals are dreams with a deadline.” 

Napoleon Hill

Everyone is talking about the ending of one year and the beginning of the new.  This can be a time for hope and yet can be really intimidating.  I share the mixed feelings right along with you.  However, what I’ve learned and experienced is that setting your new intention for 2017 is really simple and will deliver huge benefits and outcomes.  It really is almost magical what will show up for you.  It’s more than a clean slate…I believe it’s more like adding the next building block to what is possible.

Setting intention directs the mind and gives us purpose.  This is where transformation lives.  Focusing on what’s important to you creates clarity and sets you on a path to achieve your highest goals and move the needle on your success.

“Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbinstimessquare

Even though I had not seen myself featured on Time Square…. this visual certainly woke me up to bigger possibilities.  “Am I thinking big enough?” I’ve had to ask myself.  Are YOU thinking big enough?  Ask yourself the same question.

Declare … Your Intentions

Energy flows where intention goes…and knowing your intention will make your decision-making much easier… you will become clear and know which way to go.  You won’t be stuck in the middle, afraid of taking a wrong road.

This is why I’m going to give you a challenge today and to share an easy plan for you to create a strong and powerful roadmap to move through this next year with progress and significant outcomes in your business/career, relationships, and health.

I’m going to share an easy plan for you to create by December 15th.   Make a commitment to have this finished by that date… then you are all set to lean back and enjoy the holidays and know exactly what you will be doing January 1.  You may find a need to make changes throughout next year… think of this as an organic plan… always evolving.

My good friend, colleague and mentor, Sales Coach Guru, Eric Lofholm, inspired this extremely beneficial idea.  I’ve utilized this simple idea and know it is extremely beneficial for staying on plan for growth.  Being very transparent, this is a modified example from my own projections and 12-month plan for 2016.  As I review it now to share with you… I actually stayed pretty close to the plan.  The plan was my road map…

Claudia Cooley, Inc. Sales and Marketing Plan for 2016

Claudia Cooley, Inc.
CEO: A Professional and Personal Success Coaching Company
Business Building and Life Success Coach
“The Get It Done Coach”


Ultimate Outcomes for 2016 (Goals)

  • To have a growing coaching/training business, creating more prosperity for others and myself generating $__________per month in net profits.
  • Masterminds
  • Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching (maximum 6)
  • Speaking
  • Capture (___) paid speaking engagements/workshops annually generating ($______ per mo
  • Finish and publish next book “Revving Up for Success With a Winning Image” in 2016 and make it a “Best Seller” (Income not known)
  • Enhance Rev Up for Success Radio to become more visible
  • Use Radio Show Archived show as intellectual properties to turn into sellables
  • Create a Sales & Marketing System
  • Find an affordable, skilled and dependable webmaster/copywriter that will complete a masterful website and marketing tools easy to use.
  • Consistently deliver a monthly newsletter that inspires, motivates and educates.
  • Drive people to all of my information, training and opportunities professionally, attractively, interestingly building a following
  • Create, market and deliver webinars (will need advice on which of my topics I should create content that would be in demand)


Annual revenue projections (Sales Results)

  •  Ultimate Gross Sales ($___________). (This is a stretch goal)


Annual Marketing Strategy (Marketing Tactics)

  • Create/enlist someone to develop my Digital Marketing program and implement no later than March 31, 2016
  • Launch next book with tons of publicity to make it my 4th best seller
  • Submit two books for awards with Beverly Hills Book awards and International Book awards
  • Create and deliver webinars that will bring value to my
  • Create and initiate a membership site –
  • Have a compelling campaign/hot offer/etc on website to expand followers
  • Speaking to create interest in my programs and products once a month
  • Work with colleagues to create and complete  – Business Acceleration Seminars
  • Continue to develop a team – VA for marketing, newsletters/social media



  • Include in each months activities things that motivate me… listening to webinars and going to seminars, reading books that inspire me and add in some fun and freedom with some mini vacations, going to the show, theater and dinner out.
  • Focus on my health and creating even more optimal living
  • Spend quality time with my husband, family and friends regularly.

Now continue as you layer your goals over the next 12 months starting with


Ultimate Outcomes  _____________________

Sales Strategy ______________________

Marketing Strategy (my example)

  • Promote “Business Acceleration Seminars” for my February event
  • Promote new Mastermind that starts 1-14-16
  • Promote new group coaching program “Ignite Your Life” starting February 4, 2016
  • Attend Referral Group – TEAM 4 times a month
  • Networking group – CBP – weekly
  • Networking – 1 to 2 networking groups  (Chamber/Women in Business/Mixers)
  • Follow up with new contacts 2 x a week
  • Record radio shows weekly and promote 3 x a week.
  • Send out a monthly newsletter.

Just continue with the rest of the year doing the same thing for each month…

February, March, April, Etc.

As I’ve laid this out for you, I realized how ambitious I felt this was a year ago, and yet I’m delighted with the outcomes, growth and new directions that are open today.  When I created my own Sales and Marketing Plan last December 15th, I experienced a little fear and trepidation.  It was ambitious and I was asking myself to step up in a bigger way.  And yet, today, I’ve not only accomplished the plan, but even more.  And in eight days, my next book will be launched and my fingers are crossed for another bestseller.

Setting the Intention and having a Plan is the formula for : Significant Outcomes!!!

Make December 15th your target date to have your plan written out with intention, passion and reaching for your next level achievement!!


December 7, 2016
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