Claudia Cooley

Ignite Your Success One-on-One Coaching

This customized coaching program is unique to you and is designed to ensure you accomplish your goals, dreams and vision. With Claudia Cooley, you will work one-on-one to outline your vision, determine past roadblocks, build your strategic plan and zero-in on prioritized action steps. You get a personal mentor, Claudia, that will support and encourage you on your success journey and hold you accountable for taking your action steps and making things happen. After all, “Goals without actions are just wishes.”

Claudia is the right coach for you because she has 4 decades of business building successes!  She has made a difference for a very extensive client list, such as the Disney Corporation, the American Red Cross, Henkel Corporation, Inland Eye Institute, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), American Women’s Association, Platinum Resource Group, Nordstrom, and SO MANY MORE…

Claudia is on a mission to inspire and equip YOU to expand all areas of your life.. Your Health, Your Wealth, & Your Relationships, all while having FUN and FREEDOM!

Set your appointment today and see how Claudia can help YOU!



“I recently had a 30 minute consultation with Claudia to discuss my career goals and small business vision. I was extremely happy with everything we accomplished in such a short period of time. Not only did Claudia give me sound advice regarding my business, she actively listened to me and helped me plow through the obstacles I am facing in getting my business off the ground. And lastly and amazingly, in those 30 minutes, she helped me solidify my business’ official name! Give Claudia a call and set up an appointment! She is a truly talented business coach who really cares about her clients at a personal level.  Thank you, Claudia!”

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