Claudia Cooley

Revving Up for Success With A Winning Image

Stop – Don’t add one more item to your wardrobe plan until you have the 3 key factors, the important pillars to create your amazing Success Image and ability to make your memorable first impression.

Color Impact & Influence-Intensive w/laser coaching, Body Style DNA and Image Style DNA- Workshops are your keys for creating your Success Image and are available now.


  • Wearing colors and styles that flatter and enhance your image allows you to get excited about who you are…experiencing the Success that is in you
  • Shop with confidence
  • You now have all of the tools to create an amazing wardrobe…that suits your lifestyle and budget
  • Know you always look your best
  • Step into any occasion fully confident …letting your brilliance shine
  • You are no longer concerned regarding how you look, now you can get down to handling business, contributing more powerfully to relationships and allow great things to come your way.
  • You are “in the game” knowing how to use your colors cleverly to empower business conversations, create a healthier you, be able to rest when you want or need to, be jazzed up when you want or need to be and engage in amazing conversations that are authentic… yes all of this from color…Amazing!
  • Save tons of time and $$ when shopping
  • Never arrive home with shopping mistakes or not loving what you’re wearing.
  • Get tons of compliments…this is certainly fun
  • Reflect your true authentic self to others without ever saying a word.

Share your dazzling brilliance that is in you with everyone today!

Does your personal image help you build the rich life you dream of?  My students all say “Yes”… and are celebrating their successes today…you will too!


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