Claudia Cooley

The 7 Mind Shifts to Ignite Your Success




The 7 Mind Shifts give you every tool, inspiration and motivation to IGNITE Your Success! Building your life on your own terms is a very exciting journey. The keys for designing a life that you love are found in creating balance in all areas of your life. Learn the REAL Magic Formula for Success R • Realize your vision and purpose E • Energize your abilities, talents and gifts A • Accelerate your action steps L • Live your life out loud, with fun and freedom Create your own definition of Success. Design your journey by letting go of the Mind Sets that keep you stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. Here are the tools to SHIFT your thinking to Ignite your SUCCESS! 1 • Your Vision Empowered by Your Dream 2 • Inspire Confidence and Belief in Yourself 3 • Determination + Commitment + Perseverance 4 • Enthusiasm Infuses Living a Life in Balance 5 • Significant Actions for Significant Outcomes 6 • Build Your Community, Your Leadership and Your Tribe 7 • Have an Attitude of Gratitude & Contribution

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