Claudia Cooley

Protect “Your One Important Thing”

What robs us from achieving goals, dreams and success?

Distractions, lack of focus, not knowing what we really want and not believing we really deserve it, are the thieves.
It requires becoming the guardian of your “One Important Thing”.

I feel so compelled to inspire you to put on your armor and find your “One Important Thing” … your big dream, then discover your “One Audacious Goal”, then ignite your “One Power Action” to achieve what you really desire deep down inside.

I can almost see one of those “Super Heroes” that kids love to follow and possibly you connect to them too, suiting up and using those super powers to get the job done. When you engage in this type of thinking… you can accomplish anything.

“Distractions Destroy Action. If it’s not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.” Jermaine Riley

What are some of the distractions that are robbing you of the outcomes you really want and deserve? This picture certainly depicts the feeling of the commotion that goes on in our daily lives.

I’ll share a list of the distractions that plague me… but please feel free to add yours to it. I’d love if you would even share them with me by adding a comment at the end of this post.

1. Noise-Emails, cell phone chirping, phone ringing, people needing your attention right away, even an argument with someone allows emotional noise to invade your space

2. Distractions- Messy desk/office space, too loud of music, people in the area that you’d love to be engaged in a conversation with but takes you off course, trying to work with the TV on. Think about the repercussions of allowing distractions to take over and keeping you from your “One Important Thing”

3. Lack of Focus- Trying to focus on too many things at a time causes us to get lost and no clue where to start and definitely we don’t finish strong.

4. Not knowing where we want to head or what we really want. When we don’t have a target to shoot for, how can we hit the Bull’s Eye? Crazy … right?

5. Another Thief is the lack of belief in yourself to achieve your big dream. We will address this one for sure.

Protecting our “One Important Thing” is the insurance policy for success.

As the master coach in this area, I’m sharing some “right on time” tips to help you suit up in your armor and put your Power Action into place to reach your goal.

1. Determine what your “One Goal” is. Having your destination in mind is key and gives you super powers. Then we can help you create the AAA map to reach your target and even more importantly, hit the “Bulls Eye”.
2. Noise – The night before, line up your next day so it will make everything else easier or unnecessary. Now set your boundaries for your quality time to accomplish what are the most important outcomes for you to achieve. Turn off all of the noise.
3. Distractions and focus – Set up a power-hour everyday for one hour… totally guarded time. No phones, unless needed in your power action, set the timer and stay focused. You will be so excited with the powerful outcomes from this each day.
4. Belief in yourself and your dream. Did you know that if you have a big dream, you probably arrived on this earth with the seed for that dream planted in you already? Would it be planted in you if you weren’t the right person to achieve it? You are the right person for your dream, believe me.

This is your assignment… if you know me you know I love giving assignments.
Write your goal down on a 3×5 card. You may have a goal for each of the 6 major areas of your life: Spiritual, Physical, Relationships, Job/Career/Business, Financial, Personal, you may need to create more cards. But it’s important to keep “one goal” for your “one thing” on “one” 3×5 card.

Now each morning read your card and say, “It is done”. Your words are powerful. They will equip you for greatness, like the super heroes.
Keep me posted on your successes and any questions you’d like me to speak to.

February 27, 2017
All rights reserved.

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