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Claudia Cooley

Claudia Cooley Is sharing how to keep your cup overflowing even in tough, dark and scary times.  As the radio show host of Rev-Up for Success Radio for over 3 ½ years and 150 interview airings, she shares Her story to inspire you on your journey and for every season of your life.

Recent Rev Up For Success Radio Guests

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  • Maurice DiMino

    January 20,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

      Imagine taking the number one fear, Public Speaking, and making it your number one asset? Maurice DiMino does just that. He trains executives and entrepreneurs how to use their presentations as an income...

  • Scott Delong

    January 12,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

    Scott has been in the telecommunications business since 1990, first as CEO of Public Access Communications, Inc. a company he sold in 1998, when he started what is now know as Wavetech Industries, and is its...

  • Paul Leone

    January 12,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

    Born and raised in California, he started to work in the Family Restaurant Business at the age of 7. Eventually he bought the business and built it to the max when he was offered a sizeable amount to sell it…and he...

  • Marsh Engle

    January 12,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

    Marsh Engle is passionate about helping people identify their true calling, zero in on their greatest passions, and find ways to bring them to life in meaningful ways ― as fast, energetically, and enthusiastically as...

  • Brett Laddusaw

    January 12,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

    Brett Laddusaw, Real Estate/financial services investment broker in Southern CA, was the youngest man I interviewed for my book “From Dud To Stud… revving up for Success”. He shared his dreams of coming out of...

  • Kim Somers Egelsee

    January 12,2014 / Radio Show / 0 Comments

    Kim SomersEgelsee helps men and women find their passion and purpose, develop and design it, forget the fear and move forward with positive communication, action, confidence and success. She does this through coaching,...

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