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Rasheed Louis

Rasheed Louis is a true Entrepreneur and a mentor in his community. He’s a Producer, Branding and Marketing Expert. He believes that at the core of success there are elements that help a person become successful.

Over five years ago, I met Rasheed, a talented, energized and excited budding entrepreneur with huge dreams. He was launching his business in the field of marketing and branding and was putting all of his talents out there as he determined where his niche was going to be. A magnet for those also on a bigger journey with big dreams, he started off running and hasn’t stopped yet or looked back. He has a huge heart to serve his community of younger college students to inspire them to determine their dreams and “run” toward them. He shares that power of having a mentor to show you the way.

Rasheed says, “Image is based on perception; how one sees the world and how the world sees them. You must believe in something and you must have faith that no matter what goes on, everything is temporary, whether good or bad.”

Rasheed’s story.
Most people in the world seem to have dreams. I have been chasing the same dream since I was nine years old…a dream that changed my life then, and is manifesting itself now. The dream went like this:
A young black man in his twenties steps out of a limo onto a red carpet, with a beautiful girl on his arm. The paparazzi is snapping away as the man smoothly and confidently walks down the carpet. Then he suddenly looks back as a reporter calls his name, “Rasheed, Rasheed!” She yells out, “I just have one question for you. How did you reach such heights of success with the passing of your father at such a young age?” The young man looks puzzled, looks around… and Bam! The dream ends, and a nine-year-old boy lays awakened in his bed, crying. Confused by and wondering about the dream with an unclear message. The message would soon be revealed after two weeks passed, when I became fatherless.

Just like that my family lost everything. My mother, brother, two sisters and I were then moved into a small back room of my aunt’s house. Everything had changed. From the living situation, to the school and friends, I was thrown into a life of being around gangster, guns and drugs. In an environment where if you wanted to stay out of fights, then you had to fight. It’s hard to believe now that even in all that chaos I still knew that everything would be alright.

There came a point in my life when everything got to a boiling point, and I met the first of who would impact my life and begin to mentor me. The standard definition of a mentor is ‘someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague, a trusted counselor or guide.’ My definition of a mentor is a person that comes into your life and sees greatness in you that you have not yet discovered. A mentor will speak greatness over you, and is strong enough to walk you through your development, whether it be in life or through a career, so that you may be a product of greatness by learning from greatness.

To give back to my community, I’ve started a movement with my annual event A Night of Mentorship, which reaches out to college students, young professionals, Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneurs and CEOs for a night of connections and great network possibilities. I choose three speakers to represent mentorship, image and belief. I want to share with the attendees that no matter where you came from, what you’ve experienced, or how you’ve lived your life…it is possible that you can have a positive and successful outcome. My company Epiphany Marketing hosts this event, to empower others to become mentors and make an impact, as well as instill belief in those in need of guidance to be open to receiving it.

You will find Rasheed Louis at . See his amazing work and find all of his events.

March 10, 2017
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