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Raven Blair Glover – from stuck & struggling to unleashing your ‘unstoppable’ power within

With many years of experience, Raven’s first explored the idea of becoming a radio show diva while sitting in a hospital room with her very ill mother. Working at a $10 an hour job she wasn’t sure what she could do to help her mom. Then while listening to positive audios, seminars and speakers like Les Brown, she just knew she couldn’t help her mom until she helped herself. Not sure what her next move should be, God blessed her with this idea, use your voice. With all of the courage she could muster, and a strong desire to succeed… this amazing woman began a journey that eventually has opened the door for others to follow in her footsteps. Myself being one of her protégées.

One of Raven’s most empowering statements, “Move from stuck & struggling to unleashing your ‘unstoppable’ power within.” We all can do this!!
Raven inspires us to “Not Wait to Be Great”… and reminds us that it isn’t where you come from, or your bank account, or your scholarly abilities that make you great. It’s in your heart and we all can achieve from our own excellence.

Raven shares her insider secrets for mastering the art of interviewing the icons in your niche so you can boost your sales, increase your creditability and super charge your visibility…even from your kitchen table. She says, “Create your Irresistible ASK.” That’s how you land the bigger names for interviews. In turn this builds your credibility to be a magnet for success.
Some of the notable people Raven has interviewed are: Oscar winner Lou Gossett Jr., Sheri Shepherd and Montel Williams award winning talk show hosts. Also, Business Leaders Brian Tracy, Ali Brown, Brendan Bouchard and Sales conversion Queen, Lisa Sasevich to name a few, have been on her Mic.
She generously opened up an opportunity for the Rev Up For Success audience to receive for free, her 30-minute e-Book for Talk Show Magic. Go to and download this terrific training and information.

January 31, 2017
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