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Roy Smoothe – The Cool Branding Guy

Roy Smoothe, known as the Cool Branding Guy and founder of “Just Cool Lifestyle Brand,” helps corporations and individuals discover their own “Cool Factor.” As an Author, Publisher, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, finding cool ways to create an effective brand sets Roy apart from the traditional thinkers and shares what is “Branding Out of the Crowd” for spectacular performance, results and increased profitability.

With a strong background in Fashion, Music and Personal Development he has created a powerful mix of tools to really help his clients to step into a more powerful branding image. Using these ingredients as well as personal style, he brings clarity to those he works with for identifying their own uniqueness and provides the tools to embrace a distinction that “Brands them From the crowd,” not “just stand out in the crowd.”

Lately he has been speaking on stages around the world with some high profile speakers and now is known for his SmootheMixx Brand where he mixes music with his message. You will find his albums on Amazon and on ITunes. You may even see some of my own messages showing up with a music mix…done by Roy. Can’t wait.

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April 3, 2017
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