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Satori Mateu (The Love Messenger)

Satori advises multimillionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, innovative leaders, moms and dads on how to find and sustain genuine love and happiness—to eliminate fear, anger and emptiness from their lives—and step into a life they love, a richer more meaningful life… where they can make a difference. (link, Learn More)

Introducing Satori Mateu, Master Trainer/Coach/Speaker and The #1 Authority on Genuine Love and Happiness

For more than two decades, Satori hasspecialized in the psychology of Peak Performance—what it is that makes individuals, families and organizations of any size do what they do when they perform their absolute best and identifying what they do when nothing seems to go right! He identifies the 2 millimeter difference that makes the difference.

Satori has toured with his inspirational and life-transforming seminars all over Sweden, Spain and the United States. He has helped more than 100,000 people from 80 countries create more love, happiness and connection in their lives. During 2007 Satori conducted more than 400 seminars in the United States helping companies and their employees find a deeper meaning and purpose in times of crises.He is the creator of the MTV show BREAKTHROUGH—designed to empower young people to go beyond their limitations, to step up and live a life they love. He has worked side by side with other leading experts, such as Dr. John Gray best-selling author of “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” as well as author and motivational speaker Mr. Anthony Robbins.

Satori successfully helps people eliminate with destructive anger patterns, unstoppable fears and phobias, drug & alcohol abuse, ADD, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, to those who want extraordinary relationships, impactful careers, and inner fulfillment. He provides people from all walks of life with what they need to truly revolutionize their life—brings out who they REALLY are, and helps them design a life where they are genuinely happy.Satori also advises and consults successful companies such as Toyota, Ford, McDonald’s, Sony, Marriott, ReMax, Gillette and many more. Satori is a 4th degree black belt and world champion in Karate, a business owner and one of the worlds’ leading experts in relationship turnarounds.Satori says, “When it all comes down to it, we all have a story. We can all find reasons or excuses why we shouldn’t go for it in life, to do what we love and feel passionate about, but in the end, none of these stories will make us happy. Being a force for good, my life is about doing whatever it takes, truly giving a shit, reminding and inspiring people to step up, take action, to love, and to have fun. Especially… to love.”Satori lives in Los Angeles with his wife Emily and their three boys Milo, Levi and Zac and is 100 % committed to“The Global Real Happiness Takeover”—a mission to give every human being a REAL shot to genuine authentic happiness.

June 12, 2014
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