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Scott Delong

Scott has been in the telecommunications business since 1990, first as CEO of Public Access

Communications, Inc. a company he sold in 1998, when he started what is now know as Wavetech

Industries, and is its current CEO.

He has served on the nonprofit boards for the California Payphone Association, as well as the American

Public Communications Council, serving in a variety of positions including Chairman of the Board for

both organizations.

He has also served as a Director for the for profit arm of APCC Services. Currently he is the Chairman

of the Board of De Long Industries Group, Inc. as well as a director on the board for Disaster Recovery

Center the parent company of Telecom Recovery.

For the past couple of years, Scott has been active with Entrepreneur’s Organization EO, and has been

serving on the Board of Directors for his local chapter in Orange County, working on Education and

Membership Chair positions.

Recently Scott has made an affiliation with Chapman University’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreurship

in a capacity as Mentor in Residence and has become one of three lead mentors in their incubator


He graduated from Brigham Young University, with a BA in History, where he also played centerfield on

their nationally ranked baseball team. He also completed a certificate course in Leadership from the

prestigious Hass Business School at the University of California, Berkeley.

He is married and has 6 children, and 3 grandchildren, and resides in San Clemente, CA.

Wavetech Industries provides telecommunications services primarily to the Healthcare and Higher

Education markets, providing top quality services contracted through “second tier” providers (Not AT&T

and Verizon). These services include hard to source programs both high tech and low tech, like our

unique disaster recovery solution as well as payphones. We also provide day to day services at lower

cost, web conferencing, conference calling, directory assistance and operator services. Another product

line is interpretation services, with an over the phone service that can provide 170 different languages,

as well as a video program that can provide American Sign Language.

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