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Claudia Cooley is an in-demand speaker who has shared the stage with speaking greats such as Lisa Nichols, Ursula Mentjes and so many others. The following are her MOST requested speaking topics:

7 Mind Shifts to Ignite Your Success

Based on Claudia’s bestselling book, “The 7 Mind Shifts to Ignite Your Success,” this awesome presentation gives you the exact steps for living a happier and more impactful life in your career, business and at home. With Claudia’s insights, practical strategies and wisdom, you will become super charged into action. You’ll soon have more time and feel more confident as you achieve success powerfully.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create your own success synergy for living a life in balance
  • Learn the R.E.A.L magic formula for success
  • Discover the tools to unlearn mindsets and make “mind shifts”


How to Rev Up Your Brand with a Winning Image

Does your professional image reflect the real authentic you? The keys to empower your winning image are expressed in your professional edge AKA your polished personal style and how you show up to others. Come learn the power keys to create a dynamic personal style and how to leave a fabulous first and lasting impression as you propel forward in your career or business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover your personal success image DNA
  • Learn the image secrets most successful professionals use
  • Enhance your personal style and elevate your self-esteem


Full Throttle: Create Your Dream Life in 90 Days

The starting point for building the life of your dreams is being clear on what that looks like for you. Determining your big “why” is the first step to making your dreams a reality. Now, how do we get there? Claudia draws upon her innate talents and experience to deliver a dynamic presentation that equips you with a full tool belt to accomplish the steps, create excellence and become unstoppable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine your big dream and vision. What makes your life “juicy?”
  • Get crystal clear about your goals and identify significant action steps
  • Design your 90-day plan to achieve your 10 Biggest Audacious Goals


Secrets for Communicating Your Way to Sales and Success

Building your relationship currency in conversations and interactions with others empowers your business and career success. As others embrace your highly effective communication style, you will close more deals and your sales will soar. You will even build strong, lasting relationships that become magnets for future referrals.

Whether you are building your management team, growing your sales force or harnessing your own communication skills, this fun and interactive presentation will transform the way you build relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your personal communication style
  • Bring value to others as you relate more clearly
  • Empower your sales outcomes with happier clients


Unleash Your Color, Boost Your Impact

Color is one of the constants in our lives, yet most of us don’t stop to think about how color affects us and those around us, until we do something like buy a car, a new outfit or even paint for a room. The truth is some colors define us and make us memorable. Your “true-self” will emerge as you wear colors that compliment you and communicate your personality, style and confidence.

Attend this presentation and you will discover how to make color work for you. It’s time to unleash your color.

Key Takeaways

  • Know the colors to wear when you are speaking or leading a group
  • Leverage colors to become a magnet for more money and bigger sales
  • Learn money-saving tools to create a wardrobe that is fun and laser focused


Additional Topics:

Savvy Women Making a Difference

Rev Up Your Dream with a Clear Vision (Interactive Vision Boarding)

Note: All of the talks and presentations listed above can be fully customized for your group.

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