Claudia Cooley

Spring Fashion in Full Bloom- 2013

Fashion Strokes from Claudia Cooley, Fashion Editor on alert

• Mod Dresses & Power Suits

• Black and White Daywear & Rainbow of Party Prints

• Break the Color Barrier

• A smidge of Femininity with Simplicity and Style

• Sheer elegance with the enhancement of embossed lace

Find Your Personal Signature piece and wear it season in and season out

Fashion + Features.

“A season of extremes”

Fast and Chic: All tomorrows parties- From mod minis to Jackie O frames, the ‘60s are back in full swing

East of Eden: Opulent silks, rich brocades and origami-like-folds conjure up a fashion paradise.

Starchitecture: Behold the power of the new, fiercely modern silhouette.

Rave New World: Keep the party going with the riot of prints and color.

The Whites of Spring: The latest take on minimalism is all about monochromatic layering. Elegant and sophisticated whispers style.

Lady Killer: The season’s most feminine silhouette combines the lady like spirit of the 40’s with freewheeling attitude of the ‘70s.

From my investigating… I’m here to tell you that the return of the ‘90s minimalism has been in the fashion forecast for several months, but now we are seeing the trend move from the runways to now be defined in our store windows. Be on the watch for muted colors and clean lines that are still in “Power”, and making a strong statement. With that said, the other side of the coin is for those whom simple monochromatic dressing is not enough… celebrate the wild explosion of prints and the season’s obsession with colorful ‘60s modernism.

Message from the editor’s desk:

Sound off on Style.

Stand for who you are from the inside and create the space to discover your own style. Step into living your own Unique Style “Out Loud”. Develop an eye for what you love as you breeze through the fashion magazines…then draw from your new insight to embrace a style that not only flatters who you are, shows you are fashion savvy and you love how you feel when you walk out your door and into any opportunity.

February 26, 2013
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