Claudia Cooley

Success Begins as a Seed….

UntitledSuccess begins, as a seed.  The good soil that’s fertile will allow the seed to become full-grown into what it’s intended to become. Your success is growing in you as I write…I get so excited when I think of the success we are empowered with… already.

Jim Rohn says, “Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

You don’t have to seek it; it’s that “Success Seed” that is growing inside of you… it’s up to you to make sure it is growing in fertile ground.

So the first Basic Fundamental question is…what does fertile soil look like?

The second question is… how do I insure my “Success Seed” grows?

In my past, I’ve had some pretty spectacular vegetable gardens and I’ve had some duds.  It depended where we lived, what the soil was like, weather and the quality of the seeds planted.  Sometimes the soil wasn’t great to start with, but with some education and asking lots of questions from the experts, making sure I was planting quality vegetable seeds and not thistle, preparing the soil with all of the best quality mulch, fertilizers and some hard work of tilling the soil to blend in the riches nutrients…then of course the water… not too much but just enough and don’t forget the warmth and power in sunlight. After I planted the seeds, it was important to watch over them and give them ever opportunity to reach their fullest potential.  Now, did I just plant the seeds, then go off and wait until harvest time before I checked on the outcome?  Not hardly.

There is a universal law when it comes to sowing and reaping.  You cannot leave your garden unattended.  There are two very important reasons. One, there is often need of nurturing and keeping an eye out for things that can steal or rob your garden of prosperity.  Critters might wander in, eat the tender fruit and veggies, harmful insect eat away just enough to kill the determination of the leaves that protect the produce, weeds can grow and suffocate the young plants before they are strong enough to stand on their own… and sometimes there is need to prune and redirect the plant itself for better outcomes.  The second outcome is… if you didn’t keep an eye out, you would miss the miracle of your seeds’ possibilities of becoming a reality.


This is how you guard over your own “Success Seed” and we are going to continue this conversation… It’s exciting watching life begin, grow and mature… your success is just like that.  This is an intoxicating journey!

February 12, 2014
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