Claudia Cooley

Success is Who You Are “Becoming…”

1As we look to our future… we can envision our opportunities more easily if we can allow ourselves to see our possibilities.

For many years, from a message or story I believed from when I was still a pre-teen, I believed every choice I made, every decision I made, must be wrapped around being responsible.  My dad died when I was eleven and my mom wasn’t well… and I was told that I needed to take care of her. When I was 12, I went to work… now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t criticize the opportunity to add to the support of our little family, but I didn’t realize I had choices.  And this became a story that could have narrowed my opportunity to experience some of life’s richest joys.

As I grew older, I really celebrated the strengths I gained from this experience that allow me to keep “Becoming” more than I even imagined for myself. However, like a yarn ball keeps unraveling and the yarn keeps stretching out further in new directions, I could see the possibility to experience new things, and yet, something kept pinching me, pulling me back, (the old story), …saying “be careful, be practical, be responsible…”

A few years ago, I realized I was still looking into my future with the big neon sign saying… be responsible, practical, resourceful.  Not that any of that is bad or harmful, but it boxed me in from seeing even more riches to be had.  I’m not ever going to lay down the attribute of being “responsible”, but if I treat it as a personal quality and not my limiter… then when I look at my future horizon now… there is nothing there but “Endless Possibilities.”

I can’t tell you how that has changed my life to a higher level of “Becoming”.  Now, everything I do includes fun, adventure, and most of all freedom. 

Success isn’t about reaching a destination; it’s about moving to the highest level of your possibilities.

February 12, 2014
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