Claudia Cooley

Success Seeds Remind Me of Gardening

UntitledToday, as I was compelled to go outside to take in some sunshine… my first idea was to sit on my patio and read a new book I’ve started, the Happiness Advantage, but I set it down to begin to explore.  I let my eyes roam over our beautiful backyard.  I realized, even though we are in winter, here in Southern CA spring is really close at hand… and preparing for springtime needs to start now.  I looked at my poorly neglected 20-year-old rosebushes to realize I’d never done their yearly pruning, which was due in January.

Now I’m already off course from my original intention of reading, but after kicking in my new practice of “Stop”, ‘Challenge” and “Choose”, I made my decision to step into action, grab the pruning shears and wander out to the garden and begin the process.  Thinking I’d only do a couple of bushes then come back on another day I found myself totally immersed and enjoying the task.

When engaged in these types of activities…my creative juices kick in and I began to think about the natural process of planting, growing and pruning to allow for new growth.  My amazing farmer father-in-law taught me how to select the perfect spot to clip the stems to inspire healthy new growth.  So with dedication the pruning began and when the first full blooms arrive, I will be pleased I took the time to do what was needed.

It is the same in all areas of our lives.  When we have new, fresh and young plants… watering and fertilizer is enough.  But has the plant become more mature, to safe guard their beauty and longevity… some extra care and attention needs to become part of the regular routine.  So, I’m suggesting that you have others in your life that will hold you accountable to care for your life by giving attention to your Health, Wealth and Relationships on a regular bases.  Check to see if there are old branches that aren’t serving you well any longer.  Then make the decision if some changes need to be made.  Changing habits, direction and often time people in your life are necessary for you to thrive and flourish.  Expand your garden’s possibilities.

February 14, 2014
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