Claudia Cooley

Success Sprouts from Possibility

“Our possibilities are numerous, once we realize all we have to do is believe.” CC

I recently heard Darren Hardy of “Success” Magazine say, “Possibilities are always there.  There is no such thing as impossible.”  This is a very exciting concept… when you really think about how profound it really is.  Our possibilities are just waiting to be uncovered, unveiled, or brought to the surface.  I like to think of a brilliantly painted wall behind a curtain… and when I’m brave enough to look behind the curtain, the brightness of my possibility almost blinds me and causes me to step back for a moment.  But within seconds I’m ready to reach out and embrace it… just as I know you are feeling too.  “Let me at it,” you say.  And with real passion you are energized to take on this next opportunity… even if it may seem challenging…your hope is ignited and you are ready to go.  I feel the same way and have on many occasions in my life experienced opportunities unveiled.  I, for some reason, was surprised that it was just showing up…but now after hearing Darren Hardy’s point of view… I’m so encouraged to know it was just waiting for me.  Don’t let anything keep you from finding your “possibility seed” that will grow into a new level of success.


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Claudia Cooley, Success Synergy

Professional Success and Life Enrichment Coach/Award Winning Author

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November 26, 2015
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