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When people think of Tanya it is often in connection with the murder of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson. Tanya will ALWAYS speak on domestic violence, but she wants people to know what really happened to her as a result of her sister’s murder.

What people do not know is that she suffered a mental breakdown TEN years after that experience. This breakdown placed her in an in-patient and out-patient program for many months, all caused from lack of coping skills and the neglect of grieving, feeling her stress, anxiety and depression  Tanya knows that dark place that many people don’t want to face. Her motto is, “Talk It Out, Loud” and along with coping skills, one can take control of their mental health.

Through her personal experiences and professional education, she helps others develop effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Today, she does workshops and coaching using Tanya’s Tools For Change.  She emphasizes the significance of proper self-care in achieving and sustaining an optimal quality of life.

Tanya encourages her audience and coaching clients to recognize and acknowledge their personal struggles, in order to avoid overload and/or a mental health breakdown.  She empowers her clients to remain disciplined and focused so they will reach their ultimate goal of optimum mental health.

Tanya is a certified life coach and has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University. She is a new author of, Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide to destigmatize mental illness and help people face unresolved pain to prevent depression.

She has been seen on The Katie Couric Show, Dr. Drew, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Insider and other national media outlets to speak on the epidemic of domestic violence and mental health in our communities. Additionally, Tanya was Exclusively Featured in PEOPLE Magazine.

She encourages the audience to ask questions as her time is limited and she would like to take this time just for you.


  • Intimate Partner Violence speaker on College Campuses and Battered Women Shelters for 18 years.
  • Keynote address for the 6th Annual World Conference to Prevent Mental Illness and Promote Mental Health in Washington D.C.
  • Keynote address for The Mood Disorder Association of Winnipeg, Canada
  • Keynote address to The Family Youth Roundtable in San Diego, CA
  • Shared her story with the students of a Homicide/ Suicide Psychology class at The University California, Irvine
  • Keynote speaker for the doctors of  Mission South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach, CA
  • On a quarterly basis, Tanya encourages and empowers patients in the outpatient program at Mission South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Keynote address (Concentrate On Personal Expectations) for Women’s Week in San Diego, CA


  • Consulting with Universities, victims of domestic violence and shelters for battered women for ten years.
  • Life coaching individuals since 2000.
  • Offers resources to survivors of domestic violence and those suffering from mental illness and loss.
  • Ross Szabo of The National Mental Health Awareness Campaign ( to gain insight on the world of Mental Health.
  • Ambassador of the Blue Ribbon; Who I Am Makes A Difference Campaign; Encinitas, CA



  • Author of Finding Peace Amid The Chaos: My Escape From Depression and Suicide
  • Personally survived a mental breakdown – An experience that forced her to do the self-work necessary for survival.
  • Launched to empower people to come forward and talk about and release their emotional challenges.
  • Educating the community on facing issues, stressors and anxiety to prevent drug use and prescription drug overdoses with Jodi Barber with
  • Supporting PLUS: Peer Leaders Uniting Students (anti-bullying) for over 4 years
  • Currently creating Tanya’s Tools For Change; a digital learning program (DVD and Manual) that offers tools for self-care; including:


Domestic Violence Counselor; August 23, 1997
Domestic Violence Court Advocate; March 19, 1997
Certified Life Management Coach; March 25, 2001
Trained by Blue Shield of America on: What to do When Domestic Violence Comes to the Workplace;
November 11, 2002


Argosy University, Orange County, CA

B.A., Counseling Psychology – Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Graduated Magna Cum-Laude

Argosy University, Orange County, CA

M.A., Counseling Psychology – Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


March 28, 2016
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